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The Power With In

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Breakthrough creative changes minds + behaviors.

We’re proud of our work when we create a campaign that not only advances a client’s mission, but also reinforces our agency’s mission – to create real and lasting change in the world.

Disruption begins with a powerful idea.

How will we make Communities In Schools famous? We’ll bring smart strategy, powerful execution, efficient use of resources, and the discipline needed make the idea work.

We share your restless drive to bring more attention to CIS. Much more. And faster.

Disruption is a means to an end. It starts with a powerful idea. But it’s what you do with the idea that matters.

"We’re In" is an enduring idea with flexibility and resonance. It’s built for the long haul.

Born out of your brand, "We’re In" is not a campaign. It's a creative platform that builds meaning into your name to communicate clearly and consistently who you are and what makes you different.

It’s a springboard that allows you to connect with each of your audiences – and, more importantly – from which they can connect with you.

It explains and invites. It anchors and grows. It’s the foundation from which to raise awareness and build a movement.

Stand out by leading with what makes you different.

Communicating what makes you different is critical to breaking through in a crowded space. That’s why “We’re In” is designed around your strongest brand differentiator – that you are IN schools and IN students’ lives.

With that deceptively simple differentiator at the center, the full weight of your communications – media outreach, advertising, social, events, fundraising, partner outreach – will bring that differentiation to life.

Your results are proof that CIS is different, and that you can deliver on what you say.

What you do works. Your results, site coordinators, alumni and the current students you serve, are proof that CIS delivers in ways that no other organization can.

We believe your people are the emotional connection that will inspire our audiences to care, and the results provide the rational connection they need to give.

Smart research will tell us the best ways to leverage these powerful assets. Whether a social media campaign with alumni at the center, op-eds featuring the voices of site coordinators, or digital content that turns a simple donation into a tangible outcome – we have no doubt they will be central to storytelling and to bringing the platform to life.

Smart Strategy
+ Smart Risks
More bang for your buck

How will we deliver more bang for your buck? By starting with smart strategy, identifying the narrowest, best-defined target possible, taking creative risks, and targeting earned and paid efforts in the most effective ways possible.

You’ve noted fundraising as a primary goal of this work. We recommend smart research to identify which audiences are most likely to give and what will move them from knowing about you to opening their wallets.

We’ll prioritize earned, owned and paid to reach those audiences where they are, negotiate value-added opportunities, and optimize toward channels and content that best drive donations.

We won’t stop there. We’ll lean on strategic partnerships, influencer and search strategies to lend the brand equity and reach needed to bolster limited dollars with maximum buzz, reach and impact.

Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator Alumnist Alumnist Alumnist

Validate with research.

There are lots of ways to test what works. We believe in the power of research to inform strategic planning and creative development, and measure success. We now know from conversations with you that spurring volunteering is not a top goal – as such, we would not pursue a true target market strategy.

To inform and validate creative, we recommend in-person focus groups or online boards to gain input on early concepts. From there we can A/B test through digital to determine which concept best delivers on your primary KPI – whether it’s awareness, conversion, engagement, donation, etc.

We’d also recommend an interim awareness measure to complement your annual benchmark and run alongside paid media. A brand lift study (as a value add through paid media) or a Google Consumer Survey are cost-effective ways to ensure advertising and creative achieve the dual objectives of awareness and donations.

Leverage the power in your numbers.

At 40 you have hit your stride. You are ready to take the knowledge and relationships you have gained and leverage them to maximum benefit. Your conference provides the opportunity to energize your people and attract attention to the powerful work they do.

After crafting a plan – in partnership with you – we envision that leading up to the conference social media advertising will have launched, earned strategies will be underway and we will showcase that this is a movement 40 years in the making.

By the end of the conference, we want to energize those closest to you to buy In – sharing with their networks and speaking out about their experiences. We will leverage their collective power to draw attention to the need for influencers and thought leaders to get off of the sidelines and Join In.

We are ruled by our hearts,not by our heads.

In our post-pitch conversation, you prioritized donations as the desired outcome of this work. People don’t give to causes, they give to people. We’ve seen this in research on the science of fundraising. We see it in our work.

It’s not enough to tell more people that you exist. And it’s not enough to pelt them with facts and figures. We need to connect emotionally. This is at the heart of what we do. This is how we change minds and behaviors.

Your work, your results, your alumni, site coordinators and the students you serve hold the key. Together with a powerful platform, we’re confident we’ll unlock the emotional floodgates. Let’s get started.