The Ministry of Health in Rwanda has committed to resolving stock outs at the central level, in district pharmacies, in health facilities and in the community. All-out-efforts are undertaken by Ministry of Health staff to reach the goal of zero stockouts, including the streamlining of processes and system, creating a culture responsibility that ensures timely and accurate reporting of stock positions, undertaking essential for forecasting, quantification and planning, ensuring timely delivery and permanent availability of RH products.


Recently e-LMIS has been introduced. The Ministry of Health installed routers at district pharmacies and health facilities, even in remote locations, to establish the connection to a nationwide network to feed up-to-date information on stocks towards permanent availability.


Frank Roijman of I+Solutions nominated the Ministry of Health of Rwanda saying, “[Their] drive to reach this goal [of no stockouts], as we all know essential for health and wellbeing of populations, is exemplary!” Frank has witnessed the transparency with the Ministry of Health and it’s staff are working to ensure a consistent supply of Reproductive Health products.


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