UNFPA launched its flagship fund the Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security (GPRHCS) – now “UNFPA Supplies” – the only United Nations programme specifically focused on reproductive health commodity security in 2007, under the leadership of Jagdish Upadhyay. UNFPA Supplies provides a structure for predictable, planned and sustainable country-driven approaches for securing essential supplies and ensuring their use.


With Jagdish at the helm, the UNFPA Supplies helps reduce stock-outs in countries by strengthening all levels of the supply chain, by improving regulatory policies to forecasting, procurement, warehousing and inventory management, distribution of modern contraceptives, and service providers. More countries are managing stock with computerized logistics management information systems, and in-country skills in forecasting have been developed with support from UNFPA Supplies.


Results of the UNFPA Supplies work are being seen in a reduction of stock-outs at tertiary, secondary and primary SDPs in all of its supported countries. Jagish and his team are stepping up the focus on partnering with other providers of commodities such as private sector entities, social marketing organizations, and global funds. They have put immense effort into finding resources for reproductive health commodity security, raising more than $900 Million.


According to UNFPA, in 2014 alone, support from UNFPA Supplies has helped some 33 million women in more than 46 countries receive access to modern contraceptives and reproductive health services.  Contraceptives provided by UNFPA Supplies in 2014 had potential to avert an estimated:

  • 8 million unintended pregnancies
  • 24,000 maternal deaths
  • 138,000 child deaths
  • 8 million abortions



Beatriz de la Mora, of UNFPA, has worked with Jagdish for the last nine years. She nominated Jadgish and his team because “under his, leadership stock-outs are becoming a thing of the past. [Their] passion and commitment to these issues incomparable!”


For more information visit: http://www.unfpa.org/