The Issue


In today’s Internet economy, modern broadband networks for businesses of all sizes are essential to economic growth. Broadband companies, responding to huge demand, are investing and building these modern networks using the latest fiber optics technology. This booming competition is providing business customers with a wide array of choices in service offerings and providers.

However, a small number of companies that do not own infrastructure and do not provide end-to-end service over their own networks are threatened by the growth in competitors that have built facilities. These companies are asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to guarantee they are given discounted access to low-capacity services at regulated rates for resale to business customers.

This makes no sense in a marketplace where business customers are seeking the most up-to-date broadband technologies.

To meet these needs, the FCC should champion pro-investment policies that work for business customers, not specific companies, and look beyond yesterday’s technologies toward the networks of the future.

Business Broadband Has Changed