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Your Brain

Did you know your brain is still developing until age 25? Using marijuana while your brain is still growing can actually change how it develops, aka hold you back from reaching your full potential—whether that’s attending dream school, authoring a bestseller or balling out in the NBA.

Health Effect

Learning & Memory

If you use marijuana regularly you’re more likely to have a hard time learning, paying attention, and remembering things. So it makes sense that marijuana is linked to lower grades at school. And, the more you use, the harder it is to be on point. These side effects can last even weeks after you’ve quit.

Health Effect


Marijuana affects coordination, movement, and reaction times. So no matter how you use marijuana, it can impair your abilities behind the wheel, on the field, getting to the next level on NBA 2K16 or anything else that requires sharp attention and moving your body.

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It’s especially dangerous to drive while high because using marijuana can make it harder to understand and react to what’s happening on the road. [Insert stat on percent of crashes/injuries while high.] Driving while high could cause you to get in a crash, injure yourself or others, and lose your driver’s license. Have fun taking the bus to school again.

Health Effect

Mood & Motivation

Marijuana can make you feel anxious, paranoid, and/or depressed. That means, zero chill. And, marijuana can cause you to lose interest in all the awesome activities and hobbies you used to dig.

Health Effect


Marijuana, like many drugs, can affect your judgment. This can increase the chance you’ll do things that could be dangerous to you and others. Mistakes made on marijuana can have a lifelong impact, like getting in a car accident or getting arrested.

Health Effect

Your Lungs

Smoking marijuana, like smoking tobacco, is harmful to your lungs. It can cause breathing problems and give you a lasting cough. We don’t yet know if smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like smoking cigarettes does, but it might. Who wants to take that risk? Plus, smoking marijuana can make it harder to stop smoking cigarettes.

Health Effect


Research shows that 1 in 6 people who start using marijuana in their teens will become addicted. And most teens who get treatment for substance abuse in Washington report that marijuana is the main or only drug they use. The younger you start, the harder it is to quit.

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